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Less than a year after the opening of the Demo Facility, the Green Chemistry Campus in Bergen op Zoom has new plans for expansion.
Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

This is needed thanks to the successful formula of the Green Chemistry Campus (GCC). More and more companies are joining the GCC Community. In addition, various locations are planned, such as the Shared Facility Center Polymerization. In this joint research center, new types of biobased plastics and recycled old plastics will be investigated.

The center wants to support companies with new product-market combinations in the TRL phases 3 to 6. To this end, an open pilot plant should be installed at the GCC, comparable to the Bio-Base Europe Pilot Plant in Ghent.

Petra Koenders director of GCC: “The ecosystem of the Biobased Delta offers a unique mix of knowledge, experience, facilities, training and services at the intersection of agro and chemistry.”

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