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Green Chemistry Campus, NV, REWIN West-Brabant and the local Rabobanks in West-Brabant and Zeeland are launching a new program on Tuesday 18 December, in which SMEs are looking for solutions to the challenges facing large companies.
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In doing so, parties are looking for parties that have a (partial) solution for the challenges. An intensive process is being started with these parties to bring the idea to further growth by introducing ‘knowledge, money and acquaintances’. This is done on the basis of so-called ‘Challenges’.

Petra Koenders, director of the Green Chemistry Campus: ‘We have companies like Cargill, Cosun and Rodenburg
asked which issues they are struggling with, which are important for the business, but which they themselves do not. Consider the use of residual flows, or new processes for the energy-efficient dewatering of biomass. We make these issues accessible to start-ups, scale-ups or knowledge institutes that have an innovative solution or are thinking of it. ‘

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