Bioreactor The Lighthouse

Algae and weeds: crops of the future

A microbial kitchen garden in every home? Want to start the day with a fresh shake…

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Lupins in Iceland

A crop with great opportunities for Europe

The Andean lupin contains more protein than soya and more oil than sunflower. It can be…

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Cherry popsicle

Hanze University of Applied Sciences investigates substances in cherry pits

The most delicious Danish wine is made from cherries and comes from the island of Lolland,…

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Fermentation tanks

Model2Bio extracts valuable ingredients from food industry by-products

Various by-product streams are created in the food industry, often used as animal feed, for bioenergy…

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Team Bloom Biorenewables

Bloom Biorenewables secures 2.9M€ for biomass valorization pilot

Lead investment from Yokogawa Electric Corporation brings Bloom Biorenewables seed funding round to a total of…

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Sugar beet crops in the field

Suiker Unie opens Green Protein Demo Plant

On Thursday, October 10, the official opening of the new Green Protein Demo Plant of Suiker…

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High yields of Andean Lupin cultivation in Europe

High yields of Andean Lupin cultivation in Europe

Andes Lupine is profitable to grow in Europe. This is one of the interim results of…

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