Can digestate from biogas production replace peat in substrate?

If there is ever a versatile plant growing in the Netherlands, it is certainly the sugar…

Pierre Gielen

Farmer holding sugar beet

Sugar as the ideal bio-feedstock for the chemical industry

IST Green Chemicals has advanced plans for a plant in Terneuzen in the Province of Zeeland…

Pierre Gielen

Sugar beet

“Saccharide offers opportunities for chemistry and agriculture”

Saccharides (sugars) are wonderful building blocks for the chemical industry. They are versatile molecules that can…

Pierre Gielen

Ola Wróblewska

Recipe book for bioplastic from sugar beet

How do you cook a sugar beet to obtain bioplastics? Ola Wróblewska answered this question in…

Pierre Gielen

Sugar beets in a field

“Our entire process is already largely circular”

From bioplastics to medicines, from chemical building blocks to fuels and food ingredients; sugar beet is…

Pierre Gielen


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Juicy hamburger

Fidesse gives meat substitutes texture and juiciness

Consumers want to choose plant-based alternatives to meat more often. However, they should not only taste…

Editorial office / Dinteloord

Sugar beet harvest

PlantMPG from sugar beet has extremely low carbon footprint

The use of vegetable monopropylene glycol from sugar beet (plantMPG™) delivers a carbon footprint that is…

Editorial office / Delfzijl

Cosun Bright Beet Book

Bright Beet Book: more than 130 sugar beet applications

From pastries to vegan hamburgers, from sports clothes to cosmetics, from antifreeze agents in vaccines to…

Editorial office / Dinteloord

Sugar beets

A new value chain for sucrose from sugar beet biomass

The European project CARBAFIN has developed a radically new value chain for the utilization of sucrose…

Editorial office / Ghent

Fist holding sugar beet

Scotland re-introduces sugar beet to develop the bio-economy

The re-introduction of sugar beet production to Scotland has taken a significant step forward after a…

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De-icing aircraft wings

Cosun and Avantium join forces in biobased glycol production

Cosun Beet Company and Avantium join forces to produce plant-based glycols (plantMEG™ and plantMPG™) from beet…

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