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Consumers want to choose plant-based alternatives to meat more often. However, they should not only taste like meat, but also have the right texture. That is still a challenge. Cosun Beet Company developed Fidesse® for this purpose.
Editorial office / Dinteloord

It is a new innovative and functional ingredient made from the pulp of locally grown sugar beet. It therefore has a low footprint, especially compared to other texturising ingredients often used in meat alternatives. Because it is 100% plant-based, it is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. Moreover, Fidesse® is rich in dietary fibre and contains very little fat.

Sustainable future

The introduction of Fidesse® is in line with Cosun Beet Company’s strategy to make maximum use of all components of sugar beet, says CEO Paul Mesters. “Our company is working on plant-based solutions for a sustainable, climate-friendly future. Waste does not exist with us: we make the best use of all the side streams of our sugar production. Sugar beet pulp, for example, is already used in paper and as a raw material for bio-based ingredients for cosmetics. I am proud that it can now also form the basis for a plant-based ingredient for meat substitutes.”

For more information, visit Cosun Beet Company’s website.

Image: Alexey Laputin/Shutterstock