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Cosun Beet Company and paper manufacturer Crown Van Gelder have developed sustainable paper made using beet pulp, a by-product of sugar refining. The new paper is suitable for both consumer and industrial packaging.
Editorial office / Dinteloord

Van Gilse’s 1 kg sugar bags will be packed in the new paper containing 20% sugar beet fibre as from this spring. Now, industrial 25 kg bags are being tested by Zeelandia, an international manufacturer of bread and pastry ingredients.

Sugar beet paper is a breakthrough innovation. Since it uses beet pulp as a sustainable replacement for wood fibre, it has a significantly lower environmental footprint across the board: from reducing CO2 emissions and particulate matter formation to cutting agricultural acreage and transport movements as the beet are grown locally.

Zeelandia has first tested the 25 kg bags succesfully; they behave like standard bags during their life-cycle. A second, bigger test will be carried out soon. Eventually, Cosun Beet Company wants all packaging materials to switch to sugar beet paper.

Image: Cosun Beet Company