Crispy hot bacon

Taste tests with hybrid bacon from the lab

Meat lovers who have ever tasted 'vegetarian bacon' will conclude that in a sustainable plant-based society…

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Rubisco opens plant-based protein production facility

Rubisco opens plant-based protein production facility

On Thursday March 5th , Province Overijssel representative Tijs de Bree opened the new Rubisco Foods…

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Poultry farm

Innovative feed lowers social costs for livestock production

As the world population and therefore also food production continue to grow, livestock farming is under…

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Sugar beet crops in the field

Suiker Unie opens Green Protein Demo Plant

On Thursday, October 10, the official opening of the new Green Protein Demo Plant of Suiker…

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Food waste

New uses for vegetable, mushroom and coffee residues

Transforming waste from legumes, mushrooms and coffee into new food products, animal feeds, packaging materials and…

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Mansholt Lecture 2019

Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie van Belgiƫ voor Wetenschappen en Kunsten, Bruxelles