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The fourth edition of the Mansholt Lecture will take place in Brussels on Wednesday 18 September 2019. This year the Mansholt Lecture focuses on the protein transition.

The transition to a fully biobased economy calls for a new focus on production and consumption; a future in which protein production will need to be sustainable, affordable and healthy. Purposeful combinations of plants, animals, and microorganisms from land and sea will be tailored to local conditions, even where resources are scarce. Global consumption patterns will shift to a more diverse and equitably shared portfolio of sources. Breakthrough innovations, societal shifts, and supportive regulatory changes are therefore required.

European policy

An integrated European platform supporting changes from farm to table will ensure that EU member states continue to lead the ongoing protein transition. During the 2019 Mansholt Lecture the options and challenges for stakeholders in the transition towards a sustainable protein production and consumption will be presented. The central message is: Europe needs to consider creating a European policy on protein transition.

The Mansholt lecture is organized by Wageningen University & Research. Participation is free of charge, but registration is mandatory.