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The Circular Plastics Conference 2021

Sustainable alternatives for polyacrylic acid

Polyacrylic acid (also known as Carbomer) is a versatile polymer. It is used, for example, as…

Pierre Gielen

Thalles and Tielly in the BBE lab

New developments in the field of PHA

Sewage water and sludge are raw materials for the production of PHA: biodegradable biopolymers made by…

Pierre Gielen

3D printed bolt

Biodegradable biopolymers for 3D Printing and micro-injection moulding

For more and more fossil plastics, there are green alternatives. For example, 3D printer filaments from…

Pierre Gielen

Plastic bags

Circular pathways for bio-based plastics require more cooperation

The demand for plastic packaging, of which a small part is bio-based, has increased strongly in…

Anne-Charlotte Hoes, Greet Overbeek, Marieke Meeusen

BAC Breda

Confusion about biodegradability of bioplastics

What is biologically degradable, or biodegradable plastic? Is that the same as compostable? And does this…

Pierre Gielen

HemCell: a surprisingly versatile biobased plastic

HemCell: a surprisingly versatile biobased plastic

The combination of polylactic acid and crushed palm leaf waste results in a biobased and excellent…

Harm Ikink


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Compostable cups

‘Certified bioplastics compost excellently’

The view that EN-13432 certified bioplastics are disruptive in the production of compost is incorrect, reports…

Editorial office / Madrid


Researchers develop new biodegradable polymers from sugars

Researchers at the University of Birmingham (UK) and Duke University (US), have developed a new family…

Editorial office / Birmingham

Mulch film in the field

“Replace conventional plastics in agriculture by bioplastics”

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) has published a report assessing the…

Editorial office / Berlin

The Circular Plastics Conference 2021

Biobased alternatives for polyacrylic acid

Several knowledge institutions and companies based in Belgium and the Netherlands work together to contribute to…

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BioSAPS develops biobased and biodegradable superabsorbing polymers

In the last decades, rapid progress was made in the field of superabsorbent polymers/hydrogels (SAP) because…

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Gert-Jan Gruter (Avantium

Avantium creates teaching materials about renewable chemistry

Avantium uses its scientific expertise to excite the next generation about sustainability and renewable chemistry.

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