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The Global Biobased Economy Conference and Exhibition hosted by the Alternative Fuels & Chemicals Coalition (AFCC), will take place in Washington, D.C., from 12-14 November 2023.

The AFCC is advocating for public policies to promote the development and production of alternative fuels, renewable chemicals, biobased products, and sustainable aviation fuels. This conference will focus on promoting Industrial Biotechnology throughout the three-day event and exhibition.

Educational subjects this year:

  • Biobased manufacturing: renewable chemicals, bioplastics, biomaterials creating a cleaner planet
  • Sustainable feedstocks, biofuels, food and feed products driving decarbonization
  • Renewable specialty chemicals
  • Synthetic biology, alternative proteins, regenerative agriculture, food & fiber, biofuels

In addition, a new track, ‘Building the Biobased Economy Supply Chain’, will focus on circularity, featuring end of life, recycling, biodegradable, compostable products, certification and carbon intensity manufacturing labels for consumer choices

See the website for more information and registration.

Image: Jon Bilous/Shutterstock