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Research with microscope

Stabican to expand on Green Chemistry Campus

Biotech start-up Stabican is going to scale up at the Green Chemistry Campus in Bergen op…

Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

Bio-based chemistry

Director wanted for new Dutch TKI Sustainable Chemistry & Circular Economy

The Top Consortia for Knowledge & Innovation for chemistry (TKI Chemistry) and biobased economy (TKI BBE)…

Editorial office / The Hague

Sunflower tiny planet

BIOMODEL4REGIONS improves decision-making in bioeconomy

The new European project BIOMODEL4REGIONS will improve the decision-making process in the field of bioeconomy at…

Editorial office / Brussels

BIochar production in Senegal

EU-project BIO4Africa helps African farmers advance with biobased technology

Small farmers in Africa will soon have a valuable use for crop and livestock waste that…

Editorial office / Brussels

Tractor tracks in clay

‘Soil health essential part of circular bioeconomy’

Soils store carbon, water and nutrients for plants. They play an important role in the challenges…

Editorial office / Brussels

Fermentationlab HAN BioCentre

Symposium 15 years HAN BioCentre on 21 June 2022

After being postponed several times due to corona, the symposium '15 years HAN BioCentre: a multidisciplinary…

Editorial office / Nijmegen