ReThink Waste Challenge

Nearly 200 students from over the world join the quest for a zero-waste future with the WUR ReThink Waste Challenge

On 18 January, students will kick off the ReThink Waste Challenge, an international student competition looking…

Harm ten Napel/Wageningen University & Research

Living Ecosystem sep 2022

How to get the biobased transition up and running

How can we involve more people in the biobased transition and stimulate the use of biobased…

Pierre Gielen


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Agriculture: tractor in Flanders

Chemical industry in Flanders second largest user of biomass

For the first time, the numerous flows of renewable raw materials and processes in the Flemish…

Editorial office / Antwerp

Karin van IJsselmuide

Karin van IJsselmuide new Director of Sustainable Procurement GSES

As of 1 October 2022, Karin van IJsselmuide joined GSES System as Director Sustainable Procurement/ESG (sustainable…

Editorial office / 's-Hertogenbosch

Research with microscope

Stabican to expand on Green Chemistry Campus

Biotech start-up Stabican is going to scale up at the Green Chemistry Campus in Bergen op…

Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

Bio-based chemistry

Director wanted for new Dutch TKI Sustainable Chemistry & Circular Economy

The Top Consortia for Knowledge & Innovation for chemistry (TKI Chemistry) and biobased economy (TKI BBE)…

Editorial office / The Hague

Sunflower tiny planet

BIOMODEL4REGIONS improves decision-making in bioeconomy

The new European project BIOMODEL4REGIONS will improve the decision-making process in the field of bioeconomy at…

Editorial office / Brussels

BIochar production in Senegal

EU-project BIO4Africa helps African farmers advance with biobased technology

Small farmers in Africa will soon have a valuable use for crop and livestock waste that…

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