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On June 10th 10h00 - 15h30 Biorizon's co-initiator VITO will be hosting its first Biobased Economy Workshop: The road to new products and processes.

The biobased economy is in continuous development. New possibilities arise from innovative technologies like biocatalysis and energy efficient separations using membranes. Feedstocks and supply chains, change driven by sustainability indicators and shifting demand, resulting in new opportunities. While some innovations are at the stage of upscaling, their market introduction is often still hampered by economic or regulatory hurdles.

This workshop will bring you up to speed on new technologies and products, starting from lab developments to upscaling and piloting together with industry. We will highlight technological, market and policy aspects, and will show that many stakeholders are acting to get the biobased economy in Flanders to the next level.

Registration (free) is now open. See the link below.

Image: Volodymyr Rozumii/Shutterstock