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The Platform Bio-economy organises a webinar on 1 July about building strategic partnerships in the global biobased economy. The webinar is focused on Latin America and Spain and the conference language will be English.

One of the main sustainable development goals for the near future is the transit from a fossil-based economy to a biobased economy. To achieve this, mapping the availability and the smart mobilization of bio-commodities will be key.

The Netherlands plays a very important international role in the import and logistics of these materials. One of its functions is to act as a Transit Hub, both in terms of volumes, logistics for use inland and transporting to the rest of Europe. Europe needs a great amount of bio-commodities for existing and new applications which can be simply delivered to the Dutch Ports.

The Netherlands also qualified itself as frontrunner in technology development where valorisation of biomass and circle economy are key areas. Latin America plays a key role in biomass feedstock supply for different industries but is also looking for future integration in the value chain by adopting technologies. This will create international partnerships between countries in Latin America and Europe to exchange knowledge of biomaterials and technologies to creates common opportunities to the benefit of all parties involved.

To further elaborate on this topic, this Webinar is organised with four speakers who will present information that will shed light on various perspectives, in particular highlighting why the biobased economy and international collaboration is important:

  • Luuk van der Wielen – TU Delft / Platform Bio-economie
  • Kees Kwant – The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)
  • Alan Smith – Avantium NV
  • Kristiaan Tetteroo – BioGrowth Development BV

The presentations will be held in English. In addition, a summary of the Webinar will be provided afterwards in Spanish.

The webinar is free of charge, but registration is required.

Image: Honeybee49/Shutterstock