LignoValue Pilot Plant

Biorizon partner VITO opens LignoValue pilot plant in Flanders

In Mol (Flanders, Belgium), LignoValue was officially opened on 6 October. It is the first and…

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Agriculture: tractor in Flanders

Chemical industry in Flanders second largest user of biomass

For the first time, the numerous flows of renewable raw materials and processes in the Flemish…

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LignoValue Pilot Plant

Biorizon Year Event 2022 split into live and online part

On 6 October 2022 Shared Research Center Biorizon & VITO's LignoValue Pilot Plant will host a…

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Electric vehicle

‘Used EV batteries goldmine for the Flemish economy’

Used electric car batteries are a potential goldmine for the Flemish economy. This is the conclusion…

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Bio-electrochemical conversion unit

Equipment for turning CO2 into chemical building blocks

Biotechnology shows great potential for the ecoeffective conversion of climate-damaging CO2 emissions into valuable basic chemicals.…

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European awards for Brussels and Green Chemistry Campus

European awards for Brussels and Green Chemistry Campus

The region of Brussels-Capital (BE) and the Province of Noord-Brabant (NL) were recognised in the 10th…

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