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Roughly a year ago, VITO, a Biorizon partner, inaugurated the first and only pilot line for the production of bioaromatics from lignin in Europe: the LignoValue Pilot. Now already, VITO aims to expand the existing infrastructure platform to an industrially relevant scale with the LigninPLUS project.
Editorial office / Mol

The EFRO LignoValue Pilot project, VITO established a pilot line to demonstrate technologies for depolymerising lignin in a continuous process (or breaking it down into usable pieces). This enables the delivery of proof-of-concepts for various process steps. Insights gained from process development, construction, pilot unit commissioning, and site development have indicated the need for further optimisation of this infrastructure.

Within the LigninPLUS project, VITO aims to expand the existing pilot infrastructure platform built around LignoValue Pilot (EFRO Flanders) and PILLAR II (Moonshot LSI) for demonstrating innovative lignin processes at an industrially relevant scale to achieve faster innovations in the lignin-to-aromatics value chain. To accomplish this, VITO seeks financing from EFRO, with co-financing from VLAIO (Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship).

For more information, visit VITO’s website.

Image: Stefan DeWickere/Biorizon