Trees reach for the sky

Circular Biobased Delta accelerates green transition

The green transition towards a circular biobased economy in the Delta region must be accelerated. The…

Pierre Gielen

Biorizon forging ahead with bio-aromatics upscaling 9

Biorizon forging ahead with bio-aromatics upscaling

With over 150 visitors, Biorizon Shared Research Centre’s annual event in Antwerp at the end of…

Pierre Gielen

Bert van de Beld, Marc Schmitz, Johan ter Harmsel, Jan van Havenbergh and Emmo Meijer on the 5th Biorizon event

‘We need more Biorizons’

“We need more initiatives like Biorizon, if we want to meet our goals of reducing CO2…

Pierre Gielen

Kaart BBD

Biobased Delta looks ahead ‘Our ecosystem is growing’

‘The larger programme lines of Biobased Delta are gaining increasingly more traction. We can see that…

Lucien Joppen

'Missing link between pilot and commercial'

‘Missing link between pilot and commercial’

‘Biobased Delta is not a study club or discussion group, but the missing link in concrete…

Lucien Joppen


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Green Chemistry Campus

TNO Energy Transition joins Biorizon at Green Chemistry Campus

TNO’s Energy Transition Unit (formerly ECN) is joining Shared Research Center Biorizon at the Green Chemistry…

Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

Paint cans

Superior bio-coatings from seaweed residues

The new ZCORE project has started at Biorizon last week. The project aims to demonstrate that…

Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom


Avantium sells bioaromatics patents to TNO

Avantium has sold its bioaromatics patent portfolio to The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, TNO.…

Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

Ludo Diels

Commercial production of bio-aromatics is getting closer

Biorizon is on its way to the mission: the commercial production of bio-aromatics in 2025, said…

Editorial office / Antwerp

TNO Biorizon Biomass to Bio-aromatics Lab

Production of bio-aromatics ready for scaling up

Upscaling is the central theme of the sixth Biorizon Event. This will take place this year…

Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

TNO Biorizon Biomass to Bio-aromatics Lab

3D VR animation shows bio-aromatics lab Biorizon

The Green Chemistry Campus has published a 3D animation of the TNO Biorizon Biomass to Bio-Aromatics…

Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom


6th Biorizon Annual Event on Bio-Aromatics

Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel, Antwerp, Antwerpen

5th Biorizon Annual Event on Bio-aromatics

Golden Tulip Hotel Central, 's-Hertogenbosch