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The conceptual design for the first commercial plant for the production of special bio-aromatics is ready. It was made possible by collaboration of the Dutch green chemistry start-up Relement with a consortium of Circular Biobased Delta Foundation, Catalok and TNO.
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Dutch engineering firm TransitionHERO designed a ‘flagship’ plant for Relement that can produce 5 kt of bioaromatic MPA (3-methylphthalate anhydride) and 1,000 tonnes of bioaromatic HMA (haemimellitic acid) per year. It will use biobased furfural, a promising feedstock for biobased chemicals made entirely from non-edible agricultural residues such as bagasse, wood residues, sugar beet pulp, etc.

The plant is expected to supply the first commercial bio MPA in 2024. It is an important milestone for Relement and for the Biorizon project, whose original objective is to produce bio-aromatics industrially by 2025.

For more information, visit Relement’s website.

Image: Relement