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Biorizon spin-off Relement has started the Bio-Aromatic Conceptual Factory project (BaroC), aiming for the creation of a conceptual process design of the best commercial production route to bio-aromatics MPA and HMA. These can be applied in coatings and lubricants, among other things.
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In the BAroC project, the partners will go through in detail the status of the synthesis of functional bio-aromatics MPA and HMA from bio-based furfural. This should enable Relement to attract further investment for a follow-up to a first commercial functional bio-aromatic plant from 2025. The bio-aromatics plant is expected to lead to large energy and CO2 savings, a raw materials transition and an economic value that will greatly strengthen biobased chemistry in the Netherlands.

The conceptual design will be made in a consortium with Biorizon co-initiator TNO, Circular Biobased Delta and Catalok, and is funded by Topsector Energie from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

See the Biorizon website for more information.

Image: Fotogrin/Shutterstock