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Biorizon is on its way to the mission: the commercial production of bio-aromatics in 2025, said Ludo Diels, chairman of Biorizon's advisory board, during the well-attended Biorizon Annual Event at the end of November in Antwerp.
Editorial office / Antwerp

Shared Research Center Biorizon has been working since the start in 2013 on research into bio-aromatics; commonly used chemical building blocks that until recently were made exclusively from fossil raw materials. The research is split into three directions or ‘horizons’: the production of bio-aromatics from sugars, lignin and biomass residual flows (via pyrolysis or gasification).

Promising results have now been achieved in all of these horizons. A number were discussed during the Biorizon Event. Ludo Diels: “Together with the chemical industry, we market aromatics that are functional, renewable, competitive and safe. And this is not just about drop-ins, but also about completely new functional molecules and oligomers that can not easily be made with traditional chemistry. ”

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