Asphalt with lignin test road construction

Asphalt is getting ever greener

Many holidaymakers know the feeling: the relief when you cross the border after a long journey…

Pierre Gielen

Road construction

Accelerated research into bio-asphalt

Will we be driving on roads made of wood in the Netherlands in the near future?…

Pierre Gielen

Biorizon forging ahead with bio-aromatics upscaling 9

Biorizon forging ahead with bio-aromatics upscaling

With over 150 visitors, Biorizon Shared Research Centre’s annual event in Antwerp at the end of…

Pierre Gielen

Bert van de Beld, Marc Schmitz, Johan ter Harmsel, Jan van Havenbergh and Emmo Meijer on the 5th Biorizon event

‘We need more Biorizons’

“We need more initiatives like Biorizon, if we want to meet our goals of reducing CO2…

Pierre Gielen

‘Everyone wants bio, but not at extra expense’

‘Everyone wants bio, but not at extra expense’

A trial section of bioasphalt lies in front of the H4A office in Sas van Gent,…

Edwin van Gastel


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Biobased alternatives for bitumen roofing products

Milestone reached on path to fully biobased roofing

Wageningen University & Research in The Netherlands, BMI and Stora Enso have reached a new milestone…

Editorial office / Wageningen


Stora Enso produces wood-based carbon for batteries

Stora Enso’s pilot facility for producing bio-based carbon materials from lignin has started operations. The production…

Editorial office / Helsinki

Road construction

World’s first bio-asphalt test road made with lignin

Infrastructure company Roelofs today (2 June) starts the construction of the world’s first test road made…

Editorial office / Groningen

Particle board with lignin based binder

Stora Enso launches biobased binder for building materials

This week Stora Enso launches NeoLigno®, an a completely biobased binder system on the basis of…

Editorial office / Kotka

PU foam insulation

LIBERTY wants to make PU greener with lignin

The Belgian innovation agency Catalisti is looking for industrial and scientific partners for the LIBERTY consortium,…

Editorial office / Antwerp

Lignoalue Pilot Plant

LignoValue Pilot ready to be built

VITO, PMV and Worley Belgium have joined forces for the design and construction of a continuous…

Editorial office / Mol


Lignofuels 2022

Sokos Hotel Presidentti, Helsinki

Zero Waste Biorefineries

Hof van Wageningen, Wageningen