Biorizon forging ahead with bio-aromatics upscaling 9

Biorizon forging ahead with bio-aromatics upscaling

With over 150 visitors, Biorizon Shared Research Centre’s annual event in Antwerp at the end of…

Pierre Gielen

Bert van de Beld, Marc Schmitz, Johan ter Harmsel, Jan van Havenbergh and Emmo Meijer on the 5th Biorizon event

‘We need more Biorizons’

“We need more initiatives like Biorizon, if we want to meet our goals of reducing CO2…

Pierre Gielen

asfalt constructie

‘Everyone wants bio, but not at extra expense’

A trial section of bioasphalt lies in front of the H4A office in Sas van Gent,…

Edwin van Gastel


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Ludo Diels

Commercial production of bio-aromatics is getting closer

Biorizon is on its way to the mission: the commercial production of bio-aromatics in 2025, said…

Editorial office / Antwerp

Chemical plant

Avantium awarded €6 million EU grant

Avantium N.V. announces that it has been awarded €6 million as part of a SPIRE grant…

Editorial office / Delfzijl

Stora Enso’s Lignin Wins IChemE Award

Stora Enso’s Lignin Wins IChemE Award

LineoTM by Stora Enso, a lignin-based product launched by the renewable materials company earlier this year,…

Editorial office / Rugby

Forestry - lignin

VITO to build pilot plant for production of bio-aromatics from lignin

The indepent Flemish research organization VITO and partners have presented a plan to build a pilot…

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Model plants in laboratory

Scientists Ghent increase both sugar yield and biomass production in plants

To ease the industrial processing of plant biomass into energy, plants are engineered to contain less…

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Test tubes with green liquid

Biorizon launches Lignin Application Center

For companies that would like to introduce lignin-derived chemicals into their biobased products, Biorizon launches its…

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Zero Waste Biorefineries

Hof van Wageningen, Wageningen