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A dedicated summer school training on waste biorefineries in the context of bioeconomy, with a focus on valorization of recalcitrant side streams (ZELCOR).

In the ZELCOR (Zero Waste Ligno-Cellulosic Bio-Refineries) EU project, which is funded by the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking, recalcitrant biomass is converted into high-quality end products through a smart combination of biotechnological and chemical routes.

A panel of twenty academic and industrial international specialists in this biorefinery field will provide an up-to-date state-of-the-art based overview on the latest advances in terms of scientific knowledge, techno-economical developments and life cycle assessment methodologies. Key challenging topics will be addressed, such as biomass availability and mobilization, recalcitrant waste characterization by a set of complementary analytical methods, enzymatic and chemical conversions of lignin into functional biomolecules, development of new bio-based sustainable value chains.

In parallel with plenary lectures, the participants will have the chance to apply their acquired knowledge through case studies carried out in groups, and to go out and visit a Dutch biorefinery factory.

The course will be held Sun 2 September 2018 until Thu 6 September 2018 and is aimed at PhD candidates, other researchers and employees of industries interested in bio-based products, NGOs or governmental organisations.