PeelPioneers triples production

PeelPioneers triples production

Start-up PeelPioneers is going to build a new factory in Den Bosch for the processing and…

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Growing mushrooms

Chitosan from waste streams opportunity for mushroom growers

What remains after a mushroom harvest - the stalk - can be perfectly used as a…

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Startups with yellow notes

Netherlands leads in startups, but lags in scale-ups

The Dutch start-up ecosystem is among the best in Europe, but performs below average in the…

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BIochar production in Senegal

EU-project BIO4Africa helps African farmers advance with biobased technology

Small farmers in Africa will soon have a valuable use for crop and livestock waste that…

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Mathematical formulas

Valorising food waste streams based on mathematical models

One third of all food waste occurs during processing. In this way, 41 tons of food…

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Fresh fish

WaSeaBi aims for better utilization of aquatic biomass

Aquatic biomass is an undervalued sidestream of considerable size in Europe: around 1.5 million tonnes per…

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Open dishwasher

First consumer products launched with Betafib

Royal COSUN Biobased Products introduced 100% bio-based rheology modifier, developed during PULP2VALUE demonstration project, for various…

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Matchmaking event Value from Biomass

Utrecht Center for the Arts, Utrecht

Zero Waste Biorefineries

Hof van Wageningen, Wageningen

Conference on Renewable Resources and Biorefineries

Universiteit Gent - Het Pand, Gent