Biorizon forging ahead with bio-aromatics upscaling 9

Biorizon forging ahead with bio-aromatics upscaling

With over 150 visitors, Biorizon Shared Research Centre’s annual event in Antwerp at the end of…

Pierre Gielen

jalila essaidi

Jalila Essaïdi: Enough talk, now action!

Jalila Essaïdi reached the world press with a so-called bulletproof skin, a project that is being…

Lucien Joppen

Dirk Carrez

BBI opens third call

The Bio-based Industries (BBI) Joint Undertaking (JU) recently publicized its third call, with room for three…

Lucien Joppen


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Biobased superglue under the microscope

Researchers create biobased superglue

An international research team developed a powerful adhesive with comparable strength to Superglue, made of plant-based…

Editorial office / Espoo

Bio Bottle

Market for bioplastics growing fast

Polylactic acids, starch blends, cellulose, and other bioplastics achieve significantly higher growth rates than conventional standard…

Editorial office / Konstanz

ADRIA Motorhome

Motorhome parts from recycled polypropylene and newspapers

The CEPLAFIB consortium in Slovenia has succeeded in making first demonstration products from recycled polypropylene and…

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Ludo Diels

Commercial production of bio-aromatics is getting closer

Biorizon is on its way to the mission: the commercial production of bio-aromatics in 2025, said…

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Gerard Paanakker met de NFT Award 2019

ECOR wins the Natural Fibertastic Award 2019

Gerard Paanakker received the Natural Fibertastic Award 2019 on behalf of ECOR BV on 18 April,…

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Child with tree

Stora Enso partners with TreeToTextile, builds demoplant

Stora Enso announced that it will partner with TreeToTextile and set up a demonstration plant at…

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