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On 11 - 12 February 2020, the nova Institute is organizing the first International Conference on Cellulose Fibresin Cologne, Germany. Eight presentations and the subsequent panel discussion will provide a comprehensive and in-depth insight into the topic "Cellulose Fibres: Sustainability and Circular Economy“.

Sustainability is the main driver for the growing demand for cellulose fibres. Life cycle assessments show that cellulose fibers have lower environmental impacts than petrochemical fibres and even other natural fibres. In contrast to petrochemical fibres, they also have the advantage that they do not emit non-biodegradable microparticles during washing.

But sustainability also means that the sources of cellulose are sustainable. Wood must come from certified sustainable forestry. However, other alternative cellulose streams such as waste wood are also coming into focus. Cellulose fibers claim to be the most sustainable textile fibers of all – and they are well on the way to achieving this goal.