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CRS Moerdijk

‘The right time for chemical recycling is now’

Will industry in the Netherlands survive? With that question, employers' organisation VNO-NCW sounded the alarm this…

Pierre Gielen

LignoValue Pilot Plant

Biorizon partner VITO opens LignoValue pilot plant in Flanders

In Mol (Flanders, Belgium), LignoValue was officially opened on 6 October. It is the first and…

Pierre Gielen

NRW Chemisch Recycling Event group portrait

‘Value chains do not end at the border’

“This is the beginning of a long-term cooperation with our eastern neighbours.” This is how Freek…

Pierre Gielen

Two men shake hands at chemical plant

Chemical recycling requires new coalitions

Europe wants to be climate-neutral, and that can only be achieved by investing fully in circularity.…

Pierre Gielen


“Everybody wants biobased feedstocks”

Bio-based raw materials already exist and they are emerging. Especially in construction, it is no longer…

Pierre Gielen

Network Meeting Chemical Recycling 6 April 2022

Moving forward by joining forces

A year after the launch in corona time, members of the Network Chemical Recycling of Circular…

Pierre Gielen


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Sporting shoes in a rack

More sustainable sportswear thanks to bio-aromatics

When it comes to climate, Decathlon is ambitious: the international outdoor sports brand wants to reduce…

Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

CRS Moerdijk 22-11-22

Chemical recycling requires new value chains

The European industry is having a tough time. The challenges are piling up: high energy and…

Editorial office / Moerdijk


Umincorp plant opening step forward in green transition

Umincorp officially opened the doors of its new plant at Merwe-Vierhavens in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in…

Editorial office / Rotterdam

Chemisch recyclen

Chemical Recycling is gaining momentum

Europe wants to be climate-neutral, and for that it is important to fully engage in circularity.…

Editorial office / Moerdijk

Group photo NFT2022

Natural Fibertastic 2022: spotlight on natural fibres

For the sixth time, the Natural Fibre Application Centre together with the Province of North Brabant,…

Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

Waste landfill in Asia

“Netherlands world leader in plastic waste export”

In 2021, the Netherlands was the EU's largest exporter of plastic waste, mainly to countries in…

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