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Biobased already commonplace in some areas

On the last day of September, the first lustrum of Natural Fibertastic was celebrated in Bergen…

Pierre Gielen

Green transport

Making an impact with bio-based democases

The bioeconomy is flourishing in Europe. Biorefinery initiatives are sprouting up all over the place; the…

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Green Matchmaking

‘People make the biobased economy future-proof’

The transition to a circular bio-based economy makes high demands on the knowledge of current and…

Pierre Gielen

Farmer holding sugar beet

Sugar as the ideal bio-feedstock for the chemical industry

IST Green Chemicals has advanced plans for a plant in Terneuzen in the Province of Zeeland…

Pierre Gielen

The 8 Circular Biobased Delta spearheads 1

The 8 Circular Biobased Delta spearheads

The goal of Circular Biobased Delta (CBBD) is to eliminate ten Mt of CO2 and to…

Pierre Gielen

Biorizon on track for the commercialisation of bio-aromatics

Biorizon on track for commercialisation of bio-aromatics

Biorizon is well on track towards the commercialisation of the production of bio-aromatics starting in 2025.…

Pierre Gielen


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NFT Award 2021

NFT Award 2021 goes to Martens Keramiek

Martens Keramiek from Dinteloord/Oosterhout has won the Natural Fibertastic Award 2021 with Kerloc: ceramics made from…

Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

Funghi food: mycoproteins for clean meat

World’s largest protein plant to be build in the Netherlands

Scottish foodtech company ENOUGH (formerly 3FBIO) is going to build the largest new non-animal protein farm…

Editorial office / Sas van Gent

Plant in lab glassware and model of a molecule

Progress of The Vanguard Bioeconomy Pilot

The innovative use of biomass for non-food applications can make a significant contribution to addressing contemporary…

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Recycled plastic granulate

Chemical Recycling Network launched with 10 frontrunners

The new Chemical Recycling Network, which was founded just before the summer holidays, is off to…

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Application of BioSeal Pavement

Onward development of BioSeal Pavement on Green Chemistry Campus

BioSeal Pavement is an environmentally friendly and affordable 100% bio-based product that keeps paving stones free…

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Gloved hand with flask in the lab

Relement working on Bio-Aromatic Conceptual Factory

Biorizon spin-off Relement has started the Bio-Aromatic Conceptual Factory project (BaroC), aiming for the creation of…

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