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Some waste streams, such as plastic, bio-based or mixed waste, are actually too valuable to throw away. They can serve as interesting raw materials for numerous applications and thus fit perfectly into a green economy. Only current national and European regulations still put a stick in the wheel.

In The Netherlands, Ecomatters’ sustainability consultants have mapped the hurdles an entrepreneur has to overcome to get ‘End of Waste’ status. They did so on behalf of the Green Chemistry New Economy Platform and with the support of Invest-NL. Based on their findings, we are formulating recommendations to better align policy with the new green economy.

During ‘No Time To Waste’, we will present the results of the research and, led by chairman of the day Freek van Eijk (Holland Circular Hotspot), we will enter into a discussion with entrepreneurs (including Synova and Neste), policymakers and the participants about the current obstacles as well as the opportunities that exist on an economic and ecological level.

Representatives from different policy levels (provincial, national, EU) will be presented with the publication with recommendations.

The conference was co-sponsored by: Green Chemistry New Economy, CBBD Network Chemical Recycling, Chemelot Circular Hotspot, Ecomatters, Invest-NL.

Image: venusvi/Shutterstock