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CRS Moerdijk

‘The right time for chemical recycling is now’

Will industry in the Netherlands survive? With that question, employers' organisation VNO-NCW sounded the alarm this…

Pierre Gielen

NRW Chemisch Recycling Event group portrait

‘Value chains do not end at the border’

“This is the beginning of a long-term cooperation with our eastern neighbours.” This is how Freek…

Pierre Gielen

Two men shake hands at chemical plant

Chemical recycling requires new coalitions

Europe wants to be climate-neutral, and that can only be achieved by investing fully in circularity.…

Pierre Gielen

Network Meeting Chemical Recycling 6 April 2022

Moving forward by joining forces

A year after the launch in corona time, members of the Network Chemical Recycling of Circular…

Pierre Gielen

Webinar Chemical Recycling

Chemical recycling connects agrofood, waste and chemistry

Chemical recycling is currently attracting a lot of attention. Circular Biobased Delta (CBBD) organised a number…

Pierre Gielen

Willem Sederel

2022 will be year of change for Circular Biobased Delta

In the new year, Circular Biobased Delta (CBBD) will enter a decisive phase: 2022 is to…

Pierre Gielen


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Procter & Gamble embraces the bio-based future

Nappy waste yields new raw materials

Kenyan Melvin Kizito moved from Nairobi (Kenia) to Sittard-Geleen in The Netherlands. At the Brightlands Chemelot…

Editorial office / Geleen

CRS Moerdijk 22-11-22

Chemical recycling requires new value chains

The European industry is having a tough time. The challenges are piling up: high energy and…

Editorial office / Moerdijk

Chemisch recyclen

Chemical Recycling is gaining momentum

Europe wants to be climate-neutral, and for that it is important to fully engage in circularity.…

Editorial office / Moerdijk

Plastic Energy plant in Spain

INEOS and Plastic Energy to chemically recycle 100kton of plastic waste per year

INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe and Plastic Energy have announced a Memorandum Of Understanding to produce…

Editorial office / Cologne

Demolishing a concrete building

Biobased chemicals may lead to a breakthrough in cement recycling

The production of concrete causes 7% of total global CO2 emissions. These emissions can be significantly…

Editorial office

Indaver Plastics to Chemicals plant

Indaver builds large Plastics2Chemicals plant in Port of Antwerp

Indaver has started construction of a new plant in the Port of Antwerp, Belgium, to recycle…

Editorial office / Antwerp