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Waste management

Chemical recycling: the holy grail of the circular economy?

Chemical recycling turns waste plastics into renewable raw materials. It is no wonder that the interest…

Pierre Gielen

Shell Moerdijk

Pyrolysis is becoming mainstream

While the Southern Netherlands Pyrolysis Testing Ground project is coming to an end, pyrolysis is becoming…

Pierre Gielen

‘Chemical recycling approach will become global blueprint’

‘Chemical recycling approach will become global blueprint’

Chemical recycling will become a game changer in the waste processing and chemical sector. It is…

Pierre Gielen

Purple LEDs

Chemport Connect connects bio-economy experts

The Northern Netherlands is a prime location for the development of biopolymers, green chemistry and circular…

Pierre Gielen

‘By collaboration we can extract more value from the circular plastics chain’

‘By collaboration we can extract more value from the circular plastics chain’

Circularity starts where plastic ends: the bins or the Plastic Heroes recycling bag. Collecting and sorting…

Pierre Gielen

Recycling plastics

Northern Netherlands: focus on circular polymers

A world without plastics is inconceivable. Over the past 70 years, synthetic polymers have found their…

Pierre Gielen


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Total Corbion Luminy rPLA

Worlds first chemically recycled PLA commercially available

Total Corbion PLA has launched the world’s first commercially available chemically recycled bioplastics product: Luminy rPLA,…

Editorial office / Gorinchem

Plastic recycling worker

Netherlands leading the way in plastic recycling technology

Dutch companies and research institutes account for 11.5% of all international patents (IPFs) for plastic recycling…

Editorial office / Munich

Biobased chemistry - algae

8 Free webinars on the future of chemicals, (bio)polymers and chemical recycling

How will the world produce its chemicals and materials in the future if society no longer…

Editorial office / Wageningen

BueAlp pyrolysis plant

Shell en BlueAlp plan to build two pyrolysis plants in The Netherlands

Shell Ventures and BlueAlp Holding are planning to build two pyrolysis plants in the Netherlands, for…

Editorial office / Moerdijk

Recycled plastic granulate

Chemical Recycling Network launched with 10 frontrunners

The new Chemical Recycling Network, which was founded just before the summer holidays, is off to…

Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

Swedish PlasticsRecycling

Swedish company to build worlds largest climate neutral recycling plant

Swedish PlasticRecyling is investing about € 100 million (SEK 1 billion) in building the world’s largest…

Editorial office / Motala