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The new Dutch Growth Fund programme Circular Plastics NL is committed to making the plastics industry fully circular. The first two open calls for proposals are expected soon, before the end of this year. Consultancy firm PNO Consultants gives a brief preview in advance.
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The Circular Plastics NL programme runs from 2023 to 2030 and is supported by the National Growth Fund with a contribution of around €220 million (of which €96 million is conditional). Grant schemes will be an important part of the CPNL programme.

The first call is a tender issued by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). Within this call, companies and/or knowledge institutions can submit proposals for research projects: scientific research into processes, methods or techniques aimed at improving the design, characterisation/sorting/washing and recycling of plastic waste streams, to improve the efficiency of recycling processes and the quality of the recyclate). And for showcases for chain projects that focus on removing bottlenecks for materials in specific value chains. This will be based on the themes of design, characterisation/sorting/washing and recycling (technology). The formation of consortia is recommended.

The other call with a budget of €6 million is made by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and is aimed at knowledge institutions. It must be a public-private partnership (PPP) with at least 10% co-financing from private partners.

The exact opening dates for the above calls have not yet been published, but the closing dates (deadlines) are likely to be as early as December 2023. Starting the application on time is therefore important.

For more information, visit the Circular Plastics NL website and/or contact PNO Consultants in advance to discuss the possibilities.

Image: FrimuFilms/Shutterstock