Rudy Folkersma in ‘Basic Principles of Polymer Technology’

“Exciting programme about sustainable plastics”

Sustainable plastics are becoming increasingly more important in reducing CO2 emissions and environmental pollution. That makes…

Pierre Gielen

Shell Moerdijk

Pyrolysis is becoming mainstream

While the Southern Netherlands Pyrolysis Testing Ground project is coming to an end, pyrolysis is becoming…

Pierre Gielen

Composite bridge

Wind turbines: bridge to and from the future

Since 2009, Eemshaven has been one of the most important offshore wind ports along the North…

‘Consider plastics from a fundamentally different perspective’

‘Consider plastics from a fundamentally different perspective’

‘We need to consider plastics from a fundamentally different perspective. Not as waste but as man-made…

Pierre Gielen

‘By collaboration we can extract more value from the circular plastics chain’

‘By collaboration we can extract more value from the circular plastics chain’

Circularity starts where plastic ends: the bins or the Plastic Heroes recycling bag. Collecting and sorting…

Pierre Gielen

Recycling plastics

Northern Netherlands: focus on circular polymers

A world without plastics is inconceivable. Over the past 70 years, synthetic polymers have found their…

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Plastic waste

Neste conducts successful trials with liquefied waste plastic

Neste has successfully concluded its first series of trial runs processing 800 tons of liquefied waste…

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Turtle trapped in fishing nets

DSM wins innovation award for cable clip made from ocean plastics

DSM has won an Innovation Award from the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) with a cable…

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Swedish PlasticsRecycling

Swedish company to build worlds largest climate neutral recycling plant

Swedish PlasticRecyling is investing about € 100 million (SEK 1 billion) in building the world’s largest…

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Tree in glass

Microorganisms recycle ‘non-recyclable’ plastic waste

Only 31% of all plastics entering waste management systems are recycled, while the rest are incinerated…

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ECO2boat circulaire biobased speedboat

Building a circular bio-based speedboat from flax, basalt and biocomposites

Young inventor Yoni de Munter from Belgium is building the world's first circular biobased speedboat with…

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bio!TOY Conference

Plastic toys are becoming more sustainable

Plastic is by far the most commonly used material for toys. However, the widespread criticism of…

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