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The Rethinking Materials summit on May 19-20 will uncover new opportunities for partnerships and investment in the changing landscape of plastics, bio-based alternatives, and circular solutions.

With an emphasis on packaging and performance materials, this year’s event provides pivotal insights into the challenges facing stakeholders in tackling plastic waste both upstream and downstream; the viability of new technologies and ‘next generation’ materials; routes to scaling up; and cross-sector applications in packaging, food-service, personal care, fashion and more.

More than 70 speakers will talk about these key themes:

  • Moving the Needle: Integrating bio-based materials into existing supply chains
  • Scaling Up: Identifying early adopters and new routes to market
  • Enhancing Performance: Designing sustainable materials to outperform the competition
  • Packaging and Preservation: Meeting the food grade challenge at scale
  • Side Streams: Circular solutions breathing new life into waste
  • Biotechnology: Platform-based business models accelerating discoveries
  • Financing Growth: Investment and partnership strategies driving innovation
  • Extended Producer Responsibility: Designing out waste upstream
  • Biodesigned Materials: Growing materials from bacteria, yeast, algae and fungi cultures
  • Circular Solutions: Chemical recycling, carbon capture, and engineering enzymes to aid end-of-life recycling

More information can be found on the conference website.