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Chemical recycling makes it possible to convert plastic waste and biomass into new basic chemicals and raw materials of "virgin" quality. Thus, chemical recycling contributes to a climate-neutral chemical industry, as explained in the new brochure 'Chemical Recycling in a Circular Perspective.'
Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

It offers insights and describes the state of play and best practices of chemical recycling in The Netherlands. Chemical recycling is approached from economic, environmental, innovation and financing perspectives and placed in the context of a fully circular economy strategy. Several Dutch cases, toolboxes and approaches illustrate how chemical recycling can be put into practice.

The aim is to promote international cooperation and partnerships between governments, knowledge institutions and companies. The brochure also contains a roadmap, an action agenda and several future visions of the market.

This publication is the result of collaboration between Holland Circular Hotspot, the Chemical Recycling Network ( originated from Circular Biobased Delta), the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Managementin The Netherlands, Chemport Europe, Chemelot Circular Hub, ChemistryNL, TNO and Infinity Recycling.

See the Holland Circular Hotspot website for more information and the brochure (pdf).

Image: Unsplash