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At the ChemistryNL Summit in The Hague (Netherlands) this week, the publication ‘Chemical Recycling in Circular Perspective’ was handed over to Mark Schmets, Team lead Chemistry, Circularity and International of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate and Jacqueline Vaessen, Chair of the Dutch Chemistry Top Sector. The brochure accentuates the pivotal role of chemical recycling in propelling the transition towards a circular and carbon-neutral chemical industry.
Editorial office / The Hague

Freek van Eijk, director of Holland Circular Hotspot, presented it on behalf of the supporting partners the Circular Biobased Delta, Chemelot Circular Hub, Chemport Europe, TNO, TKI Chemistry and Circularity, the Netherlands’ Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and Infinity Recycling.

Amidst the European imperative to achieve circularity and climate neutrality by 2050, this publication aligns with the ambitious target of the Netherlands reducing primary raw material consumption by 50% by 2030, an endeavor that gains added significance in light of the current global circularity rate standing at a mere 7.2%.

Multifaceted dimensions

Diving deep into the realms of chemical recycling, this brochure explores multifaceted dimensions, ranging from business development and innovation, to financing, environmental aspects and policy. Also, it showcases more than 20 best practices from the Netherlands that spotlight the tangible and transformative applications of chemical recycling. Toolboxes and strategic approaches presented within the brochure serve as pragmatic blueprints for implementing effective and sustainable chemical recycling initiatives.

“I am very pleased that our Network Chemical Recycling has been able to significantly contribute to this important brochure with content, showcases and best practices. The brochure highlights the leading position of the Netherlands in this field and underscores the importance of effective recycling, circular solutions and renewable approaches in the feedstock transition,” said Willem Sederel, Chair of the Circular Biobased Delta at the international launch in The Hague.

Magic momentum

By publishing this brochure, the authors and brochure partners hope to stimulate discussions and to inspire regulators, the knowledge community, entrepreneurs, and investors to work together towards sensible chemical recycling models. By sharing lessons internationally, others can accelerate development in a sensible direction and avoid pitfalls.

Freek van Eijk, CEO of Holland Circular Hotspot, emphasized the significance of this publication, stating, “Chemical Recycling can steer the transition towards a circular and carbon neutral chemical industry. There is a magic momentum in North Western Europe but in order to scale to the size of the chemical industry the feedstock transition deserves as much attention and commitment as the energy and hydrogen transition”.

The digital version of the brochure can be pre-ordered on the website of Holland Circular Hotspot