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On December 2, 2021 Shared Research Center Biorizon will host its 8th Biorizon Annual Event. Because of the COVID-19 situation, the event will be held online only.

The last edition was a big success: 308 participants from 29 countries participated in 163 matchmaking sessions. Large industry players, SME’s and RTO’s from all over the world will also be present in 2021 to discuss the latest progress in the field of bio-aromatics and to elaborate on the opportunities to accelerate biobased business together.

Biorizon is the most advanced and valued research programme in the field of bio-aromatics worldwide. Shared Research Center Biorizon, an initiative of TNO and VITO, has been co-creating technologies for the production of bio-aromatics at the Green Chemistry Campus in Bergen op Zoom since 2013. Together with industrial partners, Biorizon creates and develops innovative chemical processes for the production of renewable aromatics from residual biomass. The aim is to enable the commercial production of bio-aromatic building blocks by 2025.