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Biorizon-spinoff Relement has achieved a major milestone: the successful demonstration of bio MPA in industrial coatings. Relement teamed up with Worlée Chemie and Baril Coatings to demonstrate this industrial coating: a first of a kind, high performance, waterborne alkyd coating incorporating bio MPA to replace the fossil-based ingredient phthalic anhydride.
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After three years of tinkering and testing various formulas, the partnership hit a breakthrough with a pilot run of this eco-coating, containing the highest percentage biobased content ever achieved. It is showcased by Straalbedrijf Boxtel on an electric wheelloader made by TOBROCO-GIANT. This successful demonstration proofs industrial performance coatings can be sustainable.

For many years the coating resin industry tried to replace fossil phthalic anhydride. Relement’s launching product bio MPA (3-methyl phthalic anhydride) not only replaces fossil-based ingredients but on top of that a waterborne coating has been developed to lower emissions and improve the safety profile. Additionally, other benefits were found that can be attributed to the use of bio MPA.

Relement is now ready to scale up the production of bio MPA to ton-scale, which will lead to the commercial introduction of much more sustainable coatings, composite resins, adhesives and more.

This partnership was part of the Bright Coatings project in whichRelement, Worlée, Baril, TNO, Biorizon, Lenzing, Cosun and Vertoro are working together.