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Scaling up bio-aromatics research and application development with the industry

It was supposed to be a physical meeting place, but the 8th Biorizon Annual Event in…

Pierre Gielen

Fertiliser pellets

Better fertiliser pellets thanks to bio-based additives

Coatings for fertiliser granules are under the microscope. They form a protective layer and thus prevent…

Pierre Gielen

‘Our research has impact’

‘Our research has impact’

For most petroleum-based materials, it is possible to invent biobased alternatives with similar or even better…

Pierre Gielen


Hand holding fertiliser granules above field

BioVoice winner Instral looking for fertiliser manufacturers

Chemical company Instral is looking for fertiliser manufacturers who want to cooperate in the development of…

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Bananas in the supermarket

Novel bio-coating to prevent food waste

The Dutch company Liquidseal has developed an innovative bio-coating technology to extend the shelf-life of perishable…

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Application of BioSeal Pavement

Onward development of BioSeal Pavement on Green Chemistry Campus

BioSeal Pavement is an environmentally friendly and affordable 100% bio-based product that keeps paving stones free…

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Green paint

Scientists create coatings from nature using green chemistry

Organic chemists from the University of Groningen and the Dutch multinational company AkzoNobel developed a process…

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