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Today (24 March), chemical company Covestro opens its new Dutch headquarters at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Geleen. Covestro took over DSM's resins and functional materials branch last year and deliberately chose to locate in Geleen.
Editorial office / Geleen

“The Brightlands Campus is a great location, where business meets innovation and where talent and knowledge come together in a unique ecosystem. So the ideal place to continue growing with our innovative and sustainable materials,” says Jacqueline Kusan-Bindels, site manager for Covestro in Geleen.

In total, Covestro now has around 800 employees in six sites and a stakes in two joint ventures in the Netherlands. There are R&D sites in Zwolle, Waalwijk and Geleen, own production sites in Waalwijk and Hoek van Holland, sales organisations operating from Waalwijk, Amsterdam and Nieuwegein, and joint ventures with LyondellBasell in Maasvlakte and Amulix in Zwolle.

Sustainable technologies

Covestro has been developing advanced sustainable technologies and polymers for many years. “The Netherlands is a very important country for Covestro,” says Aukje Doornbos, Managing Director for the Netherlands. “Because of our past, we mainly contribute to applications for coatings and adhesives here. Think of binders for paints and inks, powder coatings and barrier coatings for packaging materials. With our sustainable, plant-based Decovery® portfolio, we are promoting the phase-out of solvents in paints. Also, our UV resins for flooring and printing, among others, are a leading technology in the coatings market due to their energy efficiency and solvent-free composition.”

Covestro is also one of the world’s leading suppliers in the fibre optic market with its coating technology for fibre optic cables. The Netherlands is also home to three key innovation-focused growth activities. For instance, Covestro produces biodegradable coatings for seeds in the Amulix joint venture. In Geleen, it produces anti-reflective coatings that increase the efficiency of solar panels by more than 3%. And there is the joint venture Niaga® which produces a special ‘click-unclick’ adhesive to allow easy separation and recycling of the materials in composite products such as mattresses, carpets and furniture panels after use.

For more information, visit Covestro’s website.