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Chemical company Instral is looking for fertiliser manufacturers who want to cooperate in the development of bio-based additives for fertiliser granules.
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Instral is one of the winners of the BioVoice Challenge in The Nethelands, in which large companies and innovative SMEs are brought into contact. In this case, the challenge came from Cargill, which was looking for a way to valorise waste streams (such as starches) for use in biobased coatings for fertiliser granules. Such coatings usually consist of fossil raw materials that are poorly degradable in the soil. A European ban is therefore expected.

However, most biobased and biodegradable coatings are of lesser quality. That is why Instral came up with the idea of making additives from Cargill’s residual flows that improve the basic quality of fertiliser granules in such a way that no or significantly fewer coatings are needed. To make this development possible, Instral is looking for cooperation with the fertiliser industry.

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Image: Alchemist from India/Shutterstock