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Biobased raw materials are becoming "super important" for LEGO in order to achieve sustainable growth, according to Nelleke van der Puil, Vice President Materials of LEGO in her key-note speech during the recent Biorizon Annual Event.
Editorial office / Rotterdam

The toy manufacturer does not opt for biobased raw materials because consumers demand them. LEGO research even shows that consumers do not care whether their LEGO blocks are of bio-based origin. However, they do expect manufacturers to make sustainable products. The ‘botanicals’ (LEGO bricks in the shapes of trees and bushes) made of bio-PE that were launched in 2018 were received positively.

“We are now going to expand the use of bio-PE to other elements,” said Van der Puil. “But we don’t want to commit to one solution. We want to test several options and gain experience with them.” That is why LEGO is experimenting with bioplastics as well as with recycling and reuse. In practice, it means examining PLA, r-PET, ABS with recycled content, PEF and other plastics. “It is clear that the circular value chain offers great opportunities for LEGO products. Biobased polymers are a vital part of that.”

Nelleke van der Puil spoke at the Biorizon Annual Event on bio-aromatics on 2 December 2021 in Rotterdam. A recording of the online broadcast can still be watched via Biorizon’s YouTube channel.

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