Toy sector more sustainable

Toy sector more sustainable

Slowly but surely, more and more (partly) biobased toys are being launched on the market. For…

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LEGO Chemie

LEGO abandons use of circular or biobased plastic bricks

Despite earlier promises, LEGO continues to use virgin fossil oil in its building blocks, said CEO…

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LEGO mad scientist

Step towards strong and sustainable biobased plastics

In The Netherlands, scientists from the Industrial Sustainable Chemistry group led by Prof Gert-Jan Gruter of…

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Nelleke van der Puil (LEGO)

Biobased materials ‘super important’ for LEGO

Biobased raw materials are becoming "super important" for LEGO in order to achieve sustainable growth, according…

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bio!TOY Conference

60 seconds interview with LEGO

Ahead of EFIB 2017, the organisation of EFIB 2017 to Nelleke Van Der Puil, VP of…

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Lego: millions in R&D for new materials

Lego: millions in R&D for new materials

Lego will invest roughly 135 million euro until 2030 in developing and testing new, renewable materials…

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