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Louise Vet

More than two birds with one stone

16 / 11 / 2017

My first TEDXAmsterdam talk, in 2009, was called ‘Towards a circular economy: let’s be positive’. Yes…


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Hanzehogeschool - KCBBE - DeGrowth Final Brainstorm

‘Casting a stone in the pond’

The earth is squeaking and creaking. Resources are being depleted and with an almost limitless use…

Pierre Gielen

Mansuy Rocquin (Decathlon) during the Biorizon year event 2022

‘Bio-aromatics can make sportswear more sustainable’

Customers of outdoor sports brand Decathlon spend a lot of their time in nature. Sustainability is…

Pierre Gielen

Biomass: permanent part of the Dutch energy mix in 2050?

Biomass: permanent part of the Dutch energy mix in 2050?

What will the energy supply in the Netherlands be like in 2050? Will there still be…

Willem van Kuyck

European green deal: Old versus new economy 5

European green deal: Old versus new economy

From the very early beginning, the importance of the European Green Deal (EGD) for the EU…

Willem van Kuyck

Trees reach for the sky

Circular Biobased Delta accelerates green transition

The green transition towards a circular biobased economy in the Delta region must be accelerated. The…

Pierre Gielen

Workshop about The Growing Pavilion

“Straightforward communication about complex products and processes”

If there is anything we need to get the market acceptance of biobased products off the…

Pierre Gielen


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EV's good for the planet?

Car makers push for solid state batteries

Electric cars are known for their comparatively large carbon footprint. Culprits are the lithium-ion batteries. They…

Editorial office / Antwerp

Ursula von der Leyen

Europe shifts focus of Green Deal from climate to economy

After the departure of Eurocommissioner Frans Timmermans, the European Green Deal will remain at the centre…

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Social innovation


Innovation is a phased process, running step by step from basic research to market introduction. But…

The Hague

Businessman with green heart

Knowledge of corporate board members falls short on sustainability

More than two-thirds of board members believe sustainability has little impact on their company's financial performance.…

Editorial office / Amsterdam

Plastic waste ready for recycling

Scorecard for determining sustainability of circular plastic packaging

Circularity and sustainability are sometimes mentioned in the same breath, but certainly do not mean the…

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Ecopoon expands battle with disposable cutlery

For entrepreneurs in the hospitality sector who abhor the tasteless look of disposable cutlery, Belgian start-up…

Editorial office / Herve