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Companies vs. Climate Change (also known as The B2B Climate Solutions Event) provides a forum for companies leading the way in sustainable business to share best practices for climate change reduction.

We want to be “The COP 24 of the business community”. The format is 4 presentations and panels in the morning with a network break in between, the same in the afternoon. We repeat this on the second day.

Confirmed speakers are from: MARS, Lego, ABB, Vodafone, Kellogg, 3M, J&J, Scania, CDP, Jacobs, Philips Lighting, Danone, ASICS, CO2logic, Salterbaxter.

Last year the event was held in Brussels and there were speakers from Ecohz, Natural Capital Partners, Trucost, Philips Lighting, SAP, Henkel, ING, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Ericsson, Toyota, Carlsberg, Lidl, Siemens, Spadel, Proximus, UCB, Radisson Blu, Helly Hansen, CDP and ArcelorMittal.

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