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Dirk Carrez

The bioeconomy towards 2050

05 / 10 / 2018

In 2012, the companies within the Biobased Industries Consortium (BIC) developed a Vision for 2030. The…


Key role for biomass in climate plans

Key role for biomass in climate plans

The draft Climate Accord relies heavily on biomass. Too heavily? In any case, it means that…

Marjolein Roggen

‘Nobody can imagine what fully circular means’

‘Nobody can imagine what fully circular means’

Circular is very trendy. The Circular Economy and Bio-Based Economy were once abstract concepts, but these…

Pierre Gielen


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African woman at water well

€5 million for climate projects in developing countries

The Government of Flanders is making almost €5 million available for projects that implement and scale…

Editorial office / Brussels

David Pappie

The importance of the regions in the climate transition

Climate policy is made in Brussels and by the national governments of EU member states. Do…

Editorial office / The Hague

Kangoeroes in bosbrand Australië

Weather extremes are becoming the new normal

The earth is warming up and that is due to mankind. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate…

Editorial office / New York

Gas pipes

Microorganisms make natural gas from CO2 from the air

CO2 from the air around us can be a raw material that microorganisms can convert into…

Editorial office / Utrecht

Trip to the moon

Catalisti day focuses on Flemish Moonshot program

The Flemish Moonshot program of € 400 is a central topic during the upcoming Catalisti members…

Editorial office / Antwerp

Broken windmill

Renewable energy capacity growth stalled in 2018

After nearly two decades of strong annual growth, the growth of renewables around the world flattened…

Editorial office / Paris