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In the Netherlands, the top sectors ChemistryNL, Holland High Tech, Top Sector ICT - Team Dutch Digital Delta and COAST, Imec and TNO have launched the new platform SensingNL. The aim is to realise societal missions through large-scale deployment of sensing technology.
Editorial office / Nijmegen

This involves the further development and simplification of sensors and sensor networks. Indeed, according to SensingNL, they can play a key role in urgent societal transitions. This requires bringing disciplines together, from sensor development to modelling, from entrepreneur to industry and policy maker, from whiteboard to physical application in the living environment.

On 3 November, the launch of SensingNL will be celebrated at Radboud University in Nijmegen and there will be an open brainstorming session on the theme ‘Sensing for Sustainability’. This involves both sustainable production and safety through the use of sensor technology. This will explore how sensing innovations and implementations can accelerate the transition to a sustainable future.

Visit the SensingNL website for more information.

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