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Cefic has taken the initiative to launch a multi-stakeholder platform for supporters of sustainable chemistry to raise awareness and help promote stronger opportunities for sustainable chemistry in the EU: the Future Chemistry Network.
Editorial office / Brussels

A key aim of the network is to accelerate investments in chemical innovations which are safe and sustainable-by-design.

Chemistry can and has been investing in research and innovations to help reduce emissions within the industry and beyond, to conserve natural resources, to design recyclable and re-usable products, all the while trying to maintain the comfortable lifestyle we are used to.

But the chemical industry cannot move forward alone. Policymakers, industry, NGOs, academia, scientists, researchers, thought leaders and other stakeholders committed to further the interests of sustainable chemistry in Europe are invited to join.

For more information on this initiative, see the Cefic website.

Image: Inna Bigun/Shutterstock