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In response to the growing importance of bio-based renewable raw materials, manufacturers of biomass-derived chemicals created a new sector group within the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic): Biomass-derived Chemicals Europe (BioChem Europe).
Editorial office / Brussels

The group represents companies using feedstocks based on biomass as their raw materials to produce chemicals. “With this new sector group, we aim to establish a close dialogue with the EU authorities and raise awareness about the benefits of plant-based chemistry for society, for the environment and for the economy” said the newly elected Chair Ylwa Alwarsdotter, from Sekab, the Swedish company that specializes in green chemistry and biofuels.

Biomass-derived chemicals are chemicals made from plant-based feedstocks such as agriculture, forestry and marine biomass, and their co-products and waste. These renewable materials are mostly grown in Europe and sustainably sourced.

As such, biomass-derived chemicals can:

  • Help improve resource efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions by partially replacing nonrenewable natural resources during production processes.
  • Deliver more circular solutions to a wide range of sectors, such as food and feed, hygiene and
    cosmetics, innovative materials, and energy.
  • Contribute to meeting ambitions of the European Green Deal, as set out in the Farm-to-Fork strategy, the Clean Planet for All vision, the Building and Renovation wave and the Biodiversity Strategy.

For more information about BioChem Europe, visit the CEFIC website.

Image: Marchu Studio/Shutterstock