Waste management

Annick Meerschmann of Cefic to speak at Future of Chemical Recycling 2024

Annick Meerschman, Director of Innovation at Cefic is a confirmed speaker at ACI's Future of Chemical…

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Asphalt with lignin test road construction

Lignin promising raw material for biobased products

Lignin, one of the most common constituents of wood, is a very promising renewable raw material…

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Future chemistry

Cefic launches Future Chemistry Network

Cefic has taken the initiative to launch a multi-stakeholder platform for supporters of sustainable chemistry to…

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Green chemistry

European chemical industry wants to boost the bioeconomy

“Sustainable bioeconomy activities are a pre-requisite to remain below the 1.5°C limit of global temperature rise,…

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Plastic waste

Chemical recycling helps achieve EU circular economy goals

Just 15% of all plastic waste collected in the EU is recycled into new plastics. The…

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Bio-based chemistry

CEFIC launches bio-based chemicals sector group

In response to the growing importance of bio-based renewable raw materials, manufacturers of biomass-derived chemicals created…

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