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State Secretary Mona Keijzer of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate kicked off a new innovation program in chemistry: GoChem on Wednesday 5 December.
Editorial office / The Hague

This program connects innovative SMEs in the chemical industry with knowledge institutes, such as universities of applied sciences and universities. For example, GoChem helps SMEs to develop new ideas and products that contribute to the green innovation of the Netherlands.

State Secretary Keijzer (EZK) spoke at the launch about the opportunities for the Netherlands: ‘Only with innovative entrepreneurs we as a country can remain at the international top and still be competitive. GoChem fits exactly in that picture, as part of the cooperation within the new Top Sector policy. We focus our innovation on the major challenges of our time. Innovation must not only help our economy, but also our society, our world.’

Joint research

GoChem is committed to connecting SMEs with Higher professional education, universities and research institutions. For example, SMEs and knowledge institutions can join together in practice-based or application-oriented research into chemical innovations. The program is in fact a one-stop shop to support SMEs in finding knowledge, talent and the right financing for the development of their ‘chemical’ ideas and products and for a good market introduction.

GoChem is a joint program of the National Regieorgaan Praktijkgericht Onderzoek SIA, Top Sector Chemistry / Holland Chemistry, TKI Biobased Economy, TNO, NWO-ENW, Domain Applied Science, National Biobased Knowledge Network, Association of Dutch Chemical Industry, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research, Federation of Dutch Rubber and Plastics industry (NRK).