GBO Final Conference

‘Cooperation is more than an online story’

If the result of three years of Borderless Biobased Education (BBE) had to be summed up…

Pierre Gielen

Source B to the next phase? 1

Source B to the next phase?

A period of reflection started in Limburg after the black gold disappeared from this southern province…

Pierre Gielen

Chemistry Park Delfzijl

North Netherlands aims to close green cycles

The northern region of the Netherlands is the region where green chemistry is most clearly anchored…

Pierre Gielen

Plant in test tube

Knowledge drives the biobased chemical industry in the North

North Netherlands truly excels at green chemistry. The foundation of this is formed by an extensive…

Pierre Gielen


Plant in test tube

Accelerating the greening of Northern chemistry

The brothers and chemists André and Erik Heeres (Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the University…

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Green Chemistry

State Secretary Keijzer launches Dutch GoChem program

State Secretary Mona Keijzer of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate kicked off a new…

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Biobased economy deserves attention throughout school career

Biobased industries need more highly educated employees

In the coming years, the business community in Flanders and the Netherlands will require at least…

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Green-Chem launched in Ghent

Green-Chem launched in Ghent

At the beginning of this month Ghent University launched the GREEN-CHEM network. The network is founded because…

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