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In the coming years, the business community in Flanders and the Netherlands will require at least 1,000 highly educated people with a solid knowledge of the biobased economy. However, only about 400 will be available.
Editorial office / Breda

This is stated by researcher Johan Verbruggen (SPK). He conducted a market consultation on the needs for sufficiently trained personnel and the supply of educational institutions.

Flanders and the Netherlands are leaders in the biobased economy, but taken the growth potential of this sector, the knowledge of current employees in the industry still falls short. That is the expectation of the 14 Flemish and Dutch partners participating in the three-year project ‘Boundless Biobased Education’. They work together on the development of demand-oriented education and continuing education programs at secondary, higher and university level. They also invest in better training and research facilities for education and business.

One thing is clear: the future success of the biobased industry depends on the availability of highly trained professionals, both in technical and business economics; people who are able to think in systems and make conclusive business cases.

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