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SMEs from the Biobased Delta make the difference in the biobased economy with innovative fiber technology. This theme will be further explored in the Natural Fibertasic event, in mid-April in Bergen op Zoom.
Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

The emphasis at Natural Fibertastic is on the use of (natural) fibers for biocomposites in various applications, such as for construction and infrastructure work.

According to Esther Stapper, who is one of the speakers at this event, the goal is also to provide a view of developments in other sectors. Practical cases, challenges and solutions for scaling up, quality, realization and financing will receive attention in the form of presentations and a natural fiber materials and products market. There are also opportunities for matchmaking and there is plenty of room to network.

Zoomland viaduct

In Bergen op Zoom, natural fibers have previously been used in, for example, the Zoomland viaduct. This has recently been taken into use as a faunapassage over the A58 motorway, but it also provides space for a new cycle route towards Roosendaal. The existing concrete viaduct has been completely redesigned for this purpose. Wooden guide rails and a striking façade have been installed, consisting of green biobased profiles with a total length of 6 kilometers.

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